Michael Simon – Long Biography

Michael Simon – Long Biography

Michael Simon, a very original jazz trumpeter and composer based in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, has had a wide-ranging career filled with colorful projects. While his playing and compositions have their roots in his Venezuelan heritage, swinging hard bop, and Afro-Cuban jazz, it is never predictable and often goes in surprising directions.

In 2017 Michael released his forth recording, Asian Connection. “This is my second CD recorded live at Kuala Lumpur’s premier jazz club No Black Tie for the NBT label,” says the trumpeter. “It brings Chung Yufeng, a traditional player of the Pipa (a Chinese ethnic string-instrument) into the mix of a modern jazz combo. She captures the very essence of Chinese music with her sound, phrasing and nuances. The group adopted the same name as the album, and is also comprised of the same Malaysian rhythm section as on the previous CD Destiny’s Will (pianist Michael Veerapen, bassist Daniel Foong and drummer John Thomas) plus  Terry Hsieh, a sensitive Taiwanese saxophonist and composer based in Taipei. The contact with Asian music and the interactions with Malaysian musicians have impacted my music drastically and have resulted in many new ideas.” Experiencing a cultural transcendence between the West and the Far East, Michael’s music has become reinvented through these new associations. Asian Connection has already had great success performing at the Borneo Jazz Festival in Malaysia.

Following the release of Asian Connection, Michael Simon toured the Netherlands and Taiwan with key artists of the project. The uniqueness of his concept, the brilliance of his playing, and the joyful surprises that are found throughout his music were warmly embraced by audiences of the Tong Tong Festival in The Hague,  Amsterdam’s Red Light Jazz Festival, the Taichung Jazz Festival and the Taipei Jazz Festival in Taiwan.

The trumpeter has always seen jazz as an unlimited platform in which all types of music can be combined and renewed without losing their essence or creativity. Born and raised in Venezuela, Michael’s father Hadsy Simon was a guitarist and singer who loved and played boleros, and his brothers, pianist Edward and drummer/percussionist Marlon, were already professional musicians throughout his childhood.  Michael began trumpet lessons when he was 12 and spent 1989-91 in Havana, Cuba attending the Ignacio Cervantes Music School. In 1993 he moved to the Netherlands to study jazz at the Rotterdam Conservatory where he earned a degree in arranging and composition. Michael began working regularly with percussionist Gerardo Rosales within a year and in 1996 joined Fra Fra Sound, an association that has continued for over 20 years.

The music of Fra Fra Sound, which is rooted in Surinamese Kaseko and Kawina and influenced by West and South African styles in addition to Caribbean music and jazz, is unlike that of any other group.  Some of the highlights of Michael’s association with Fra Fra Sound include collaborations with  Lester Bowie, David Murray, Toumani Diabaté, Baseku Kouyaté and Majid Bekkas. Michael has also had long-term associations with De Nazaten and the Rob Mostert Hammond Group, led his own bands (including Roots United, Crianzas and conducting the Dutch Caribbean Groove Orchestra), and worked with Lucas van Merwijk & The Cubop City Big Band, altoist Bobby Watson (1999), Conexion Latina (2005-10), James Carter (2010), and jazz singer Deborah Carter. With his brother Marlon Simon’s The Nagual Spirits, he has performed with such American guests as Bobby Watson, Paquito D’Rivera, John Blake and Giovanni Hidalgo.

In 2004, Michael Simon made his recording debut as a leader with Revelacion (Pramisi Records) which featured him not only as an impressive trumpeter but as a very talented composer with his  septet Roots United. In 2009 he made New York Encounter (Fresh Sound New Talent), a straight-ahead jazz set with both of his brothers plus such New York musicians as Miguel Zenon, Peter Brainin, Andy Gonzalez and Roberto Quintero.

The Simon, Simon & Simon Reunion Project is very close to Michael’s heart. “This was started as a wish of my father to see his three sons play music together after many years. It was our first reunion since our beginnings in Punta Cardón, our native town. At this time my Dad was living in his native island, Curacao, so we performed our first couple of concerts there in 2001.” Since then the siblings have had additional concerts in Curacao and in Venezuela. “The SS&S project is the absolute highlight of my career.”

Michael’s prolific work as a composer and arranger is trusted and praised by such bands and artists as Nederlands Blazers Ensemble, Metropole Orkest, Estrella Acosta, Deborah Carter and Quinteto Tango Extremo, to name a few.

Since 2009, Michael has visited Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on a regular basis, collaborating with local musicians. Memorable concerts by Michael took place at the 12th Johor Bahru Arts Festival and the 10th Venezuelan Week in Malaysia.  “I have redefined my music in Asian songs, which to me transmit a sense of stillness and groundedness unlike any other melodies, and let loose of my old influences.” The profound music that resulted is documented on 2015’s Destiny’s Will and on 2017’s Asian Connection for the No Black Tie label and led to the new album East West & Beyond.

East, West & Beyond represents a mutation of different musical cultures. Musical elements from South America and the Caribbean to the Middle East and Asia are evidently represented and fused smoothly to form a coherent sound that is unique to the band. The album brings fresh original compositions penned by Michael Simon, Terry Hsieh and Sri Hanuraga; all of whom are well familiarized with their own musical cultures, they share a love for jazz and envision a modern sound that doesn’t neglect their roots. The music of this group (named after the album Asian Connection) speaks to a wide audience, and serves as a definitive statement of how the group does justice to several different musical idioms.

Michael Simon – Short Biography

Michael Simon – Short Biography

The son of a musician, Michael Simon grew up around music in Venezuela, his native country. “My brothers Marlon and Edward started before me, experimenting with different instruments and leaving behind the ones that didn’t appeal to them. After Marlon left a trumpet in the closet, I started playing it, taking lessons from age ten.” Michael gained early experience playing salsa, merengue and bolero with local bands. Inspired by the music of the iconic group Irakere, Michael studied music at the Ignacio Cervantes Music School in Cuba. Meanwhile his brothers encouraged him to listen to Jazz, and in 1993 he moved to the Netherlands to study at the jazz department of the Rotterdam Conservatory where he obtained degrees in Jazz Trumpet and in composition and arranging.

Michael Simon founded Roots United in 2000, a Latin jazz septet with which he explores a new approach to that genre. He collaborates with percussionist Gerardo Rosales since 1994, with Rob Mostert since 2010, has been a member of the dutch world/jazz ensemble Fra Fra Sound for 25 years, has worked with Lucas van Merwijk, Lester Bowie, Larry Harlow, Paquito D’Rivera, David Murray, James Carter and Toumani Diabaté. Michael’s prolific work as a composer and arranger is trusted and praised by such bands and artists as Nederlands Blazers Ensemble, Metropole Orkest, Estrella Acosta, Deborah Carter and Quinteto Tango Extremo, to name a few.

With an intensive career as educator and performer, Michael covers a wide range of musical genres and now focuses on producing new music inspired by Asian melodies, Latin music and Jazz. Vehicles for his musical ventures are his big band, The Dutch Caribbean Groove Orchestra, his quintet MS-5, and Asian Connection, an international project in which he collaborates with excellent emerging artists from Malaysia, Indonesia, Japan and Taiwan, and with which he recorded his latest album.



Experiencing stillness is not only euphoric but also practical. Stillness offers an environment to check-in on yourself and to feel how you are for real, but also to see what is at play in your mind. Such experiences can be had by listening to certain types of music. There is stillness in music as well, and it creates a perfect environment to fall into the moment or the “now”, which is in fact the time in which we live. A deep experience of the now can connect you to something greater. There are pauses in music, often used to breathe and to receive ideas from an inexhaustible source. A source with which you connect when you focus deeply on the “now”, and you let it take you. The music of Meditations invites you to this experience, and takes you in a musical journey where relaxation, reflexions, rediscovery, and spiritual cleansing may occur.


Michael Simon and Maarten Meddens are passionate musicians with many years of experience. In their musical life, there came a moment when there was a need for a new challenge. They were looking for a lasting collaboration in which their artistic and musical skills could be fully utilized. Shared interests and musical taste brought them on the same path, and so Meditations was born.