Michael Simon has been visiting South-East Asia for years and during those travels, Michael met an amazing man, Master Dhyan Vimal, whose love overwhelmed him at first encounter, and so Michael decided to follow his teachings.   It has since been a journey of intensive self-discovery and growth.

Through the Master’s teachings, Michael began remembering who he really is, what is at his core and began encountering what life is demanding of him moment to moment.  It also gave Michael an insight into his relationship with his music.  At times, such realizations and encounters give rise to a surge of energy that takes over his body, mind and emotions.  Getting in tune with That requires him to dissolve ego, to listen, to empty his mind and simply be available and have faith in That.   In fact, it is in this space where his music is born and where he plays from his heart. 

Despite his strong Latin background, Michael realizes that the music he created, in particular, his recent work, is beyond categorization.  It is a celebration of Life through music that calls us to remember peace, remember stillness and remember the present moment where Life unfolds and is continuously unfolding.

During his travels to South-East Asia, Michael stumbled upon some Asian songs and was immediately captivated by the beauty of the melodies and oriental accents.   He couldn’t help but listen to the music over and over again. In a light bulb moment, Michael rearranged a few Asian songs and created a new piece called ‘I and He’ so as to put forth all his realizations above. He then invited a few passionate musicians who loved his work to bring about this beautiful creation to share with everyone.  Hence, the birth of this new album which is due to release in 2015. 

Michael Simon – trumpet, flugelhorn
Jasper van Damme – alto saxophone
Rein Godefroy – piano
Bam Bam Rodriguez– bass
Greg Smith – drums



Recognized by the prestigious online magazine Latin Jazz Network as ‘a shape-shifting musician and instrumentalist’, Michael Simon has developed into a protean trumpeter, composer, arranger and interpreter of international prominence and significance.

The realization that music is a universal language that connects and unites people regardless of their race, background and culture, has led Michael to explore Asian music and incorporate those elements in his current realm of work. When Latin rhythms from Venezuela and the Caribbean are fused into Asian melodies, colored by jazz sounds and harmonies, Michael realizes that the music he created, particularly his most recent works, frequently goes in surprising directions and transcends the music genres in the present time. It’s a celebration of life that calls us to remember humanity and it’s creation, peace, tranquility and the present moment in which life unfolds. It promotes and enriches knowledge; if it gives us pleasure and emotions, the same way it can help us understand our experiences better. That is widely evident in his latest release ‘Asian Connection’.

On ‘Asian Connection’, Michael teams up with saxophonist Terry Hsieh, one of the most active saxophonist in Taiwan, and is backed up by a top notch rhythm section of emerging Asian artists comprising of Sri Hanuraga (Indonesia) on piano, Ochiai Kosuke (Japan) on bass and John Thomas (Malaysia) on drums. Further, the presence of Tsai Hauyi on the Pipa will add a flare of spice to the already colorful palette “Asian Connection’ and is set to lead the band into uncharted musical waters.

“Energetic performance with exciting latin rhythms were creatively presented with Asian influences. To see a Pipa instrument played along with the common played jazz musical instrument such as trumpet, piano, saxophone and drums is just awesome!”   – A Woman’s Diary (.com)

“In many ways though it was both Michael Simon’s Asian Connection and the Idang Rasjidi Syndicate who echoed the region’s atmosphere and heat with two contrasting yet compelling performances that point towards a fascinating future for Southeast Asian jazz. “  – Jon Newey (Jazzwise Magazine)

“On Asian Connection Michael Simon is at the top of his game. His playing is vivid and especially poignantly so on the two-part piece “Dance of the Yao Tribe”. His genius here is to take this traditional music and link it like an elegant railway to Jazz, folk and tango often in the ambient domain of a 21st century conservatoire.” – Raul da Gama (Latin Jazz Network)



Roots United was founded by Michael Simon at the beginning of the new millennium. With this group Michael promotes the evolution of the venerable Latin jazz genre in his own way  by performing original works. To this aim, he recruits outstanding and versatile musicians  to be a part of his group.

Roots United

The music of Roots United acquires a fusion of musical styles by combining Western compositional techniques with ‘Afro-Caribbean and South-American’ rhythms and interpretations into a traditional jazz context. An important way to achieve such a blend of musical styles was to gather musicians that are acquainted with both idioms; hence the roots. As it is for Andy Gonzalez (a major exponent of the genre), Latin jazz is about developing a jazz sensibility in relation to the music, its structure, its swing and character which in turn allows other musicians to spontaneously engage in a musical conversation at a very high level and together, explore new grounds.

Latin Jazz

The music of Roots United relays a promising outlook for the sometimes under-investigated Latin jazz genre and has proven that it possesses a level of energy unlike any other music. There is something about the rhythms and the dramatic gestures that make audiences become intensely involved. It is a fresh approach promising both a delightful listening experience and exciting intellectual stimulation. Moreover, their rhythms move the music in a way that energizes and loosens up audiences, thanks to the fact that they are danceable.

Undeniable is the fact that the members of Roots United contribute as a collective to the sound of the group, and form a unique blend. Their music is inspired by iconic latin and jazz artists such as: Miles Davis, Chucho Valdez, John Coltrane, Jerry & Andy Gonzales, Art Blakey & The Jazz Messengers, Eddie Palmieri, Afrocuba and Dizzy Gillespie.

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Dutch Caribbean Groove Orchestra

Dutch Caribbean Groove Orchestra

Dutch Caribbean Groove Orchestra (DCGO) goes beyond being an ordinary orchestra and can more aptly be described as a melting pot of collaboration by like-minded music lovers from various cultural backgrounds. Led by Michael Simon, DCGO was founded in Rotterdam in 2011 by Fra Fra Sound and thus part of the MO Music Activation family.

Combining the sounds of African, Latin, American, Caribbean and jazz, this educational project is a platform for music lovers alike to come together, despite level of expertise and have fun while spreading their message of love and unity.

“Our message of course is to celebrate and live deeply while igniting and uniting people through music. Music is colorblind; music transcends barriers of gender, age and creed and brings people together. Music in itself a language that touches all people; and the Dutch Caribbean Groove Orchestra is a platform to touch peoples’ hearts all over the world while jamming out to some jazzy sounds.” ~ Michael Simon

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