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Asian Connection

Band : Michael Simon
Title : Asian Connection
Release Date : 01/06/2018
Label : No Black Tie
Catalog ref. : AC

Recognised by the prestigious online magazine Latin Jazz Network as ‘a shape-shifting musician and instrumentalist’, Michael Simon has developed into a protean trumpeter, composer, arranger and interpreter of international prominence and significance.

The realization that music is a universal language that connects and unites people regardless of their race, background and culture, has led Michael to explore Asian music and incorporate those elements in his current realm of work. When Latin rhythms are fused into Asian melodies, colored by jazz sounds and harmonies, Michael realizes that the music he created, particularly his most recent works, frequently goes in surprising directions and transcends the music genres in the present time. That is widely evident in his latest release ‘Destiny’s Will’.

On his newest project ‘Asian Connection’, Michael teams up with saxophonist Terry Hsieh, one of the most active saxophonist in Taiwan, and is backed up by a strong Malaysian rhythm section comprising of Michael Veerapen on piano, Daniel Foong on bass and John Thomas on drums. Further, the presence of Chung Yufeng on the Pipa will add a flare of spice to the already colorful palette “Asian Connection’ and is set to lead the band into uncharted musical waters.

Track Listing:

Track 1. Chino soy (Xavier Cugat)
Track 2. Dance of the Yao Tribe I (Mao Yuan & Liu Tieshan)
Track 3. Dance of the Yao Tribe II (Mao Yuan & Liu Tieshan)
Track 4. In that silence (Michael Simon)
Track 5. Mountain song (Chinese folk song)
Track 6. The sleepless cuckoo (Chung Yufeng)
Track 7. Through sand storms and hazy dawns (Minyen Hsieh)
Track 8. Thumbs up (Michael Veerapen)


  • Michael Simon – trumpet, flugelhorn
  • Minyen Hsieh – tenor and soprano saxophones
  • hung Yufeng – pipa
  • Michael Veerrapen – piano
  • Daniel Foong – bass
  • John Ashley Thomas – drums