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  • Venezuelan trumpeter Michael Simon joins the talent-spotting jazz label’s roster with a fine Latin jazz release that blends rhythmic subtlety, sharp harmony and full-blooded arrangement.Mike Hobart, Financial Times
  • So full marks to Michael Simon with another splendid album that is both interminably joyful and utterly memorable as well.Raul da Gama, Latin Jazz Network
  • New York Encounter displays a broad swatch of Simon’s musical abilities, bringing together all the influences of his community connections. The different pieces of this puzzle are most apparent in Simon’s compositions, which reflect a broad artistic viewpoint. Simon weaves together various musical elements including Afro-Cuban and Afro-Venezuelan styles, odd time signatures and free improvisation, as well as straight-ahead swing and extended improvisations. The seamless integration of these pieces reflect a mature musical mind with a wealth of experience.CHIP, The Latin Jazz Corner

New York Encounter

Band : Michael Simon
Title : New York Encounter
Release Date : 27/11/2011
Label : Fresh Sound New Talent

A new CD by Michael Simon, after the well received “Revelación”“New York Encounter” is also the title song specially written for the recordings made in the Big Apple, inspired by the reunion of the Simon brothers reinforced by a ‘dream team’ of outstanding artists from the actual jazz en latin music world. The repertoire varies from very groovy and energetic to straight ahead jazz and subtle pieces.

Track Listing:

Track 1. Mi amigo el machista
Track 2. New York Encounter
Track 3. House of thoughts
Track 4. Sabor íntimo
Track 5. Fiestas
Track 6. Blues del silencio frio
Track 7. Joy is within
Track 8. Equanimity


  • Michael Simon – trumpet, flugelhorn
  • Patrick Terbrack – saxophones
  • Edward Simon – piano
  • Boris Kozlov – bass
  • Marlon Simon – drums, bata drums and percussion
  • Peter Brainin – tenor sax
  • Andy Gonzalez – bass
  • Roberto Quintero – congas, culo e’puya and parranda drums

Special Guests:

  • Luisito Quintero – timbales
  • Noah Bless – trombone

All songs written by Michael Simon except tracks 5 & 8 are by Edward Simon    
Produced by Michael Simon
Assistant Producer: Marlon Simon