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  • This is a refreshing album which transcends the clichés that can sometimes blight Latin Jazz. The care taken in the writing and arrangements and the quality of the playing make this album stand out from others in its field. In the event of Simon bringing his band to the UK they should be well worth catching live.Ian Mann,The Jazz Mann
  • This is a work of art, produced from the heart of many, through the mind of one Mr. Simon. Take this to your favorite moment and play.Karl Stober, Jazz Review
  • Definitely an album which should receive more recognition by Latin Jazz listeners and abroad.Nelson Gonzalez, Latin Jazz Magazine


Band : Roots United
Title : Revelación
Release Date : 09/07/2004
Label : Pramisi Records

“Revelación” is the debut CD of Michael Simon’s Roots United, a formation of international, experienced and mature musicians. On this album Michael Simon proves not only to be an outstanding trumpet player but also a very talented and modern composer. His compositions are new, fresh and sparkling. The contribution of Michael’s brothers Marlon and Edward, both known in the jazz scene, adds to “Revelación” the flavors of their youth, their colorful background and mutual love for jazz.

Track Listing:
Track 1. Before I go
Track 2. Juliana Bridge Bomba-Blues
Track 3. My Response
Track 4. Ocho Rios Mood
Track 5. Mangueriando
Track 6. Por Instinto
Track 7. Renacer
Track 8. Spiritual Affinities


  • Michael Simon – trumpet, flugelhorn and vocals
  • Konstantin Klashtorni – alto saxophone
  • Efraïm Trujillo – tenor and soprano saxophones
  • José Luis Lopretti – piano
  • Leslie López – baby bass
  • Gerardo Rosales – congas, (afro-venezuelan) percussion and vocals
  • Marlon Simon – drums, timbales and percussion
  • J.C. “Bulú” Viloria – lead vocals on #4

Special Guests:

  • Ilja Reijngoud – trombones on #1
  • Edward Simon – piano on #7

All songs written by Michael Simon
Produced by Michael and Marlon Simon