The Atlantic Crossing Ensemble makes a transatlantic musical journey from the African west coast, via Cape Verde to the Caribbean and South America, conducted by Michael Simon.
The ensemble was founded by musician and artistic producer Dennis Winter.
It is intended as a tribute and reminder of the enslaved who involuntarily made the crossing from Africa to the Americas and the Caribbean. The initiative is primarily a commemoration of the abolition of slavery, which is an important element in the musical program of the ensemble.

The cultural richness of mother Africa is an unmistakable handover element in the music of the Americas and the Caribbean. This element will be both tangible and audible in the music of the Atlantic Crossing Ensemble. From this African origin, the 10 musicians make smooth musical transitions through countries such as the Netherlands Antilles, Venezuela, Brazil and Suriname, in search of connection and dialogue.

Michael Simon (Venezuela/Curacao) – musical director, trumpet and flugelhorn
Delbert Bernabela (Aruba) – tenor and soprano saxophones
Paulinho Paes (Brazil) – guitar
David Bernabela (Aruba) – bass
Urvin Doornkamp (Suriname) – drums
Gerardo Rosales (Venezuela) – congas and afro percussion
Evelyn Vera Gallardo (NL/Ecuador) – piano
Isia Da Luz (Cape Verde) – vocals
Jalli Lamin Kuyateh (Gambia) – kora

The Atlantic Crossing Ensemble performed in 2019 during Heritage Day in Theater a/h Spui, in The Hague, in 2021 at the Delfshaven Festival, and in 2022 in De Doelen in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

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