Who is MS-5?

MS-5 is a group made of five jazz musicians who desires to put aside their differences and opinions to simply give birth to what the music called for.  In such a case, each one must be a master of his own instruments and in the state where the self (or the ego) is dissolved and allowing the music to be happened and borne through itself by itself. While this may seem simple and easy, we all know it’s not always easy in reality; it requires a great deal of willingness and discipline coupled with self-awareness. MS-5 has tasted the sweetness of that nectar when that is attained and so offer the sweetness to you through their music so you can enjoy it too.

Michael Simon – trumpet, flugelhorn
Jasper van Damme – alto saxophone
Rein Godefroy – piano
Sandor Kem– bass
Greg Smith – drums

What is ‘I & He’?

It’s a new album of Michael Simon which is due to release in 2016.  More details to be announced soon.